Story Tellers

Legacy Service seeks to preserve the art of Oral Story telling. We help families share their most important memories. 

"Give me my flowers while I am living" 

We partner together to create a necessary tribute that captures the memories and moments that are valuable to our community. 

In addition to featuring our community's stories we provide promos for  entrepreneurs  and a platform to share your content.

  • *Additional Service; Videographer, Photographer, one on one services. 

  • A skilled, professional and reliable photographer.

  • An unlimited quantity of photographs within the time period.

  • All images edited post event/shoot.

  • You will receive the images within a specified time period, promised in the contract. This will be between 7-14 business days.

  • You will receive all of the images via digital files on google drive. Why google drive? There are many benefits:

    • I can upload the images as I edit, so you can begin receiving images sooner.

    • If there are images that you want altered, such as turned into black and white, just tell me the image number and I can do so.

    • I provide you with a link that you can share with anyone you would like and they can then view all of the images and download the images themselves! No hassle for you to share your photographs with family and friends!

  • An all inclusive reasonable rate, quoted at the beginning of the process, with no added fees or charges.

  • A relaxed experience from beginning to end.