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If you are a member of the T.E.A Room you can submit a Video/Audio file using the (+upload link) . Members can submit a video/ audio of the current topics, and imitation, lip sync song, or a special moment. All videos /audio should be brief and straight to the point, ie. :30 to a 1 min review or favorite imitation.    Your video can be added to the next live production. 

I understand by submitting my video/ audio I am giving Legacy Pro LLC. Copy right lincense to use for marketing, promotion and production . 


Our video production company  will record and present  the members provide d feedback on films, books, viral information, & media phenomenons. We seek to give a voice to voiceless. 


The film and book industry have excluded entertainment and informational  content by black film makers and authors throughout the years. Legacy Pro seeks to make content relevant for a diverse audience by providing positive feedback and insight into the Pan African experience.

Legacy Pro LLC  located in Washington, DC

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